Car Buying Negotiation Tips and Guidelines, Car Reviews

Car Buying Tips and Guidelines

The key to negotiating to get the best deal on your next car purchase is to STAY IN CONTROL. You are the one making the purchase, and the dealer is there to serve you. This should never be the other way around! With an OpenRoad eCheck® in your hand your auto financing is complete and you have accomplished half of the task, and here a few simple things to remember:


1. Research: Do your research before you shop. Look at your trade-in’s value and how the model you want is priced before you get to a dealership.


2. Make an Appointment: Make an appointment with an Internet sales person before going to a dealership. You will typically get a better price and less sales pressure.


3. Your Personal Information: Do not give the dealer your approval amount, desired payment, interest rate and most importantly, DEALERS DO NOT NEED YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER FOR ANY REASON.


4. Trade-Ins: If you have a Trade–in, do not disclose this information until after you have negotiated the price of the vehicle you are buying. Get the new car price in writing and then negotiate on the trade. These are two separate transactions that happen to be on one piece of paper.


5. Test Drives: Test-drive multiple vehicles at multiple dealers and make them compete for your business. Do not talk about price until after you test-drive the vehicle. You will not know if you like it until you take a test drive. Let the dealer know you are still shopping around.


6. Financing: Do not tell the dealer about your pre-arranged financing (theOpenRoad eCheck®); you want the dealer to think you are paying cash. This will get you a better price and not allow the dealer to manipulate you into thinking you are getting a good deal.


7. Setting the Price: Give the dealer a set price you are willing to pay with everything included (taxes, fees, registration etc.) For instance, if you are interested in a Ford Explorer for $15,000.00 you should say “I will write you a check right now for $14,500.00 but that includes everything. Do we have a deal?” Do not give them an option. Always be willing to walk away!


8. Do Not Wait Around: Do not stay in any dealership more than 30 minutes waiting for a price. A test drive should take 10 minutes. Give them a price after your test drive and let them know they have 15 minutes to give you an answer. If you do not get an answer, leave and tell them they can call you if they want to sell you a vehicle today.


9. Read Before You Sign: ALWAYS read your purchase order. Do not pay more than $50.00 for documentation fees or customer service fees. These prices are negotiable; do not pay needlessly for items under “Tricks of the Trade” section of this pamphlet. Call your Loan Care Agent after you leave the dealership for the Extended Warranty or GAP protection – OpenRoad will typically beat the dealer prices on these items.


10. Call Your Loan Care Agent: If you have a question, are not sure of a price, or disagree with something you are told at the dealership, call a Loan Care Agent at 1-888-536-3024 immediately and we will take care of the situation. We work for you – not the dealer.

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