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Is a New Car on Your Holiday Wish List?

Maybe a new car has been at the top of your holiday wishlist ever since you got your license and maybe this year, your wish will come true. While you may never get your dream Mercedes, unless you win the lottery or hit the top of Santa’s “Really Nice” list, it is possible to get a 2016 vehicle that’s just the right price for a holiday gift.

Additionally, if you were unlucky enough, this year, to be involved in an accident, chances are you may be on the market for a new car. “A car accident is stressful enough,” says Donna Nesselbush, Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer, “ you shouldn’t have to worry about the hassles that come with getting a new vehicle.” Fortunately, 2016 offers some safe and affordable replacements.

Add These Vehicles to Your Wish List

Whether you prefer a small, midsize, or SUV, you’ll find a car that not only fits your size preferences, but stays within budget. Although prices may vary, depending on where you live, here are some vehicles to consider adding to your holiday wishlist or head out and test drive today:

Small Size: These high ranking compact cars are all priced under $20,000

  • Honda Civic: Hondas have been top ranking vehicles for years. They are known for their sporty feel, good gas mileage, and longevity (many Honda owners have driven the same car for years). The 2016 model has great safety features that include forward collision warning, automatic pre-collision braking, active lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.
  • Some other compact “hits” include the Mazda3 or the Kia Forte


Mid Size: These high ranking mid size cars are priced below $30,000

  • Toyota Camry: Despite some of Toyota’s bad press within the last few years, the Camry is still one of the best selling midsize vehicles. Much like Honda, Toyota has a loyal following. Camry’s aren’t known for any flashy features or interiors, but rather for affordability and reliability. Like the Honda Civic, Camry has similar safety features including pre-collision warning and rear cross traffic warning. Some other midsize winners to check out include Ford Fusion or Nissan Altima



SUV: Most of these high ranking SUVS are priced below $40,000


  • FIAT 500X: This Italian classic has recently made a comeback in the U.S. and many reviewers enjoy the roomy and classy interior. The FIAT 500X also gets a good ranking for gas mileage compared to other SUVs. While other popular SUVs are made by Honda, Mazda, and Ford, if you want to stick out from the crowd, consider a FIAT.


Best Time to Buy


If you’re wanting for your new vehicle to roll into your garage on Christmas Day, wrapped in a big bow, you may miss out on the best price. At some dealerships, the best time to shop for the most affordable price begins on Black Friday and may last through until the end of December; during this time you should be able to get the lowest interest rates. If you’re in the market for a new car, shop early and test drive heavily. Don’t buy the first bargain you find and make sure you understand the lease (and any other small print) before you sign.

Need a New Ride?

Before that big adventure, make sure you are driving in style. If you are looking for a new or used car, be sure to check out the Auto Buying Service offered at OpenRoad Lending. There you can shop new and used car pricing in your area and find that car or truck of your dreams before hitting the highway.