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Cadillac Auto Loan and Refinance


Cadillac Car Loans

Regardless of which Cadillac model you drive, new or used, look no further for an online car loan that will save you money. Apply in the comfort of your own home and get a loan decision back in minutes. Download your eCheck and purchase your car the very same day you apply. It is fast and easy with no obligation. If you are not looking to purchase a new or used car, auto refinance an existing loan and start saving money right away.



Car Loans for Cadillac CTS    CTS

America’s top sports sedan continues to provide the refinement and handling that make it a winner. The base V-6 can feel a little weak, but the 3.6-liter provides an impressive 318 horsepower. If that’s not sufficient, the CTS-V has a supercharged 556-hp V-8 that will thrill and amaze.


Cadillac DTS Car Loan   DTS

This big front-wheel-drive sedan for the retirement-home set is soon to be retired itself. While it’s still around, though, the DTS continues to offer cushy luxury and V-8 power in a not-unattractive package. For those in the airport-shuttle business, a long-wheelbase DTS-L model is available.


Cadillac Escalade Auto Financing   Escalade

Cadillac’s full-size swagger wagon offers brash, chrome-tastic styling and leather-lined luxury. Available in regular length or superlong ESV, the Escalade packs a strong V-8 that sounds delightful. Topping the range is the Platinum trim level that adds richer appointments and LED lights.


Cadillac SRX Auto Loans     SRX

A massive sales success, the SRX was designed as a response to the Lexus RX350. More fun to drive and sportier than the Lexus, the Caddy also matches the Lexus’s refinement and luxury. Cadillac mercifully killed the weak base engine and the turbo V-6 in favor of the brand’s powerful 3.6-liter V-6.


Cadillac STS Car Financing   STS

The V-8 is gone, but don’t fret because it was only marginally more powerful than the base 3.6-liter V-6. Since the launch of the only slightly smaller CTS, the STS has lived in no man’s land and has sold slowly. Still, the Performance Package–equipped STS enlivens responses considerably.


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