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Volkswagen Auto Loan and Refinance

Volkswagen Car Loans

Regardless of which Volkswagen model you drive, new or used, look no further for an online car loan that will save you money. Apply in the comfort of your own home and get a loan decision back in minutes. Download your eCheck and purchase your car the very same day you apply. It is fast and easy with no obligation. If you are not looking to purchase a new or used car, consider an auto refinance loan and start saving money right away.


Car Loans for Volkswagen CC  Volkswagen CC

Refined and beautiful, expensive-looking inside and out, the CC is based on the relatively pedestrian Passat. But for only a little bit more cash, the CC offers the look of a Mercedes-Benz CLS-class. Handling is sporty and Germanic. Skip the pricey V-6 for the fuel-efficient, turbo four-cylinder.


Car Loans for Volkswagen EOS  Volkswagen EOS

The Eos feels sporty—considering it is a front-drive, hardtop convertible. Interior quality is first rate, the ride is comfortable, and the car exudes a quality feel. There’s not a lot of space in the back seat, and the trunk becomes tiny when the big metal top is stowed. Superb turbo engine.


Auto Financing for Volkswagen GTI  Volkswagen GTI

The Golf offers near-GTI levels of performance at a very affordable price. The Golf’s chassis may be a bit soft, but it has the refinement of far more expensive cars. The GTI has a punchy turbo engine, a sporty chassis, and communicative steering. Both offer luxury interiors and superb practicality.


Auto Loans for Volkswagen Golf  Volkswagen Golf

A favorite among staffers, the Golf and GTI offer an unbeatable blend of practicality, performance, and value. As quick as some so-called sports cars, the GTI is also fuel efficient and has enough cargo space to haul furniture. Both the Golf and GTI are as refined as cars twice the price.


Car Financing for Volkswagen Jetta  Volkswagen Jetta

Redesigned, the Jetta has creased if innocuous styling and more interior space. To keep the price low, VW has pulled some cost out of the Jetta, which can be seen in the shiny interior plastics, rear drum brakes (some models), and the weak base four-cylinder engine.


Auto Financing for Volkswagen Beetle  Volkswagen Bettle

The New Beetle was introduced so long ago it’s almost an old Beetle. The cute shape and retro interior styling still appeal, but the five-cylinder engine is a party pooper, and the car isn’t as entertaining as the shape suggests. Still, it’s quite practical, save for an oddly shaped trunk.


Car Loans for Volkswagen Passat  Volkswagen Passat

The roomy Passat brings German sports-sedan road manners to the mid-size-sedan arena. Interior materials and build quality are fantastic and the turbo engine is well-matched with the new dual-clutch transmission. The letdown? It costs more than its Japanese rivals.

Auto Financing for Volkswagen Routan  Volkswagen Routan

&Manufactured for VW, this is a Dodge Grand Caravan with VW front and rear styling, better road manners, and a far-classier interior. The Routan borrows the Dodge’s top two engines, but it doesn’t get any of the trick seating solutions such as the fold-down Stow ’n Go second row.


Auto Loans for Volkswagen Tiguan  Volkswagen Tiguan

Imagine a small SUV with the heart and soul of a GTI and you have the awkwardly named Tiguan. It has a spacious and lovely interior, great build quality, and the chassis provides carlike handling and refinement. The turbo four-cylinder is as good here as it is in the GTI. Shame about the price.


Car Financing for Volkswagen Touareg  Volkswagen Touareg

Redesigned for 2011, the Touareg forgoes some of the off-road capability of the old model in favor of lighter weight and better fuel economy. It does, however, remain a high-quality premium offering at a time when other VWs are taking aim squarely at their segment leaders.

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