What are the minimum requirements? - OpenRoad Lending

What are the minimum requirements?

Minimum requirements to qualify for our program include the following:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must have a gross monthly income of $1,800 or more
    • Income from Uber or similar Taxi services does not qualify
  • Our minimum loan amount is $7,500
  • OpenRoad will finance a vehicle eight model years old or newer
  • The vehicle must have less than 80,000 miles
  • You must purchase your vehicle from a Franchised Dealership within your state of residence. †
  • We do not offer financing for Oldsmobile, Daewoo, Smart Cars or Isuzu models as well as vehicles that are no
    longer being manufactured.


† A franchised dealership sells new and used cars for auto manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, Honda, and other major brands. The manufacturer is often listed in the dealership’s name. You may also purchase a vehicle from CarMax.

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