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The Costly Consequences of Bad Driving Habits

Some days sharing the road with others can seem like a joke. Not only can some bad driving habits annoy fellow motorists, but also put you at risk for being involved in or causing a car accident. Rethink the way you drive and ditch your bad habits before you’re faced with the costly consequences. Don’t think your driving habits are all that bad? Check this list and think again:

To Change or Not Change Lanes

Whether you linger too long in the passing lane, slowing up traffic, or don’t let people pass you, your lane habits annoy other drivers and you could end up causing an accident due to your failure to keep up or allow for the flow of traffic; in fact, about 10% of accidents are because of bad lane changes. It’s absurd, when driving down a two-lane (or more) highway to not allow people to pass you. Why do you care if people get ahead of you? Ideally, the left lane should be left open to let people pass, don’t linger in the lane too long. Additionally, don’t pass in the right lane.


The only kind of tailgating that any driver should do is the kind that involves hanging out in the parking lot before a football game. Following another vehicle too closely is a risky move, making you a road bully. If you’ve ever been tailgated by another driver, you know how stressful it can be, worrying that you might be rear ended at any second. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that about 28% of accidents are due to rear end collisions, a collision that is likely to occur with tailgating.

Slow Pokes

Driving under the speed limit can be just as dangerous as speeding, if not more. Many factors can lead to pokey driving such as being an elderly or inexperienced driver, distracted, or lost. As a slow driver, you’re inviting tailgating bullies to get dangerously close or having impatient drivers pass you. Try to stick to the speed limit and keep with the flow of traffic.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common occurrence on our roadways, but it’s also one of the most dangerous bad habits out there. It’s annoying, too. How many times have you driven down the freeway and looked around to find your fellow motorists talking, texting, eating, and even shaving while driving? When you drive, all of your focus should be on the road, your eyes, ears, and mind. That means you should be eating at a table, not behind the wheel. Silence your cell phone, put it out of reach and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Are You an Aggressive Driver?

An aggressive driver is someone who participates in a variety of risky and bad driving habits. Aggressive drivers are some of the scariest drivers on the road and if you are one, you could find yourself in some legal trouble (with fines and even jail time). While there are countless other bad driving habits, be sure to drop the ones that put you at risk for a car accident. Don’t be a jerk on the road, practice good driving habits for everyone’s safety.

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