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Used Cars for New Drivers

You’re a teenager. You want the best stuff, of course. When you start driving, you’ll likely want some flashy new thing that will turn heads and shine like a comet. Shining chrome, blazing bright paint job, and clear windows all blazing down the road might be dancing through your head.

But in reality, you should probably consider getting an older vehicle when you first start driving. Older cars might not look too impressive, but you should consider getting one. Here are a bunch of big reasons you should consider getting an older used vehicle when starting your driving career.

Older Cars Are Less of an Investment

Older cars require less responsibility than new cars. You are young. You don’t waste time futzing about cleanliness, paint jobs, interiors, etc. Your car is supposed to lead to freedom, not more work! With an old car, you’re free to treat your vehicle the way you want to treat it.

And, of course, drivers are always in danger of car accidents. Inexperienced drivers, in particular, often get themselves into trouble. Younger drivers tend to speed more often, and according to Herrman & Herrman, speeding is one of the top causes of negligent driving lawsuits.

Some Older Cars Are Actually Superior Vehicles

Some older cars put newer cars to shame. Gas mileage, for one thing, is sometimes much better in older models of cars (though it should be noted that some of these fuel efficient old cars can be less safe than newer gas guzzlers).

And sometimes, they just don’t make them like they used to. Lots of people are turning to older cars in the current economic climate, and many of those people are finding the older rides to be pretty sweet.

With an Older Car, You’ve Got Something to Experiment With

If you’re interested in car maintenance, older cars are absolutely the way to go. Older cars will give you countless opportunities to learn the inner working of automobiles, and you’ll be comfortable trying out new things that might damage the car. An older car can be like a sandbox. You wouldn’t want to mess around under the hood of a brand new car, but with an older car, you can dig in deep and do all sorts of experiments.

Additionally, older cars will show you firsthand the kind of wear and tear a car can go through. Unlike with a textbook, you’ll learn the unpredictable real world problems that happen to cars. An older will allow the opportunity to experience the vulnerability required to make a safe driver. Considering insurance, the possibility of an accident, and the room to gain experience all make a newer vehicle worth the wait.

Financing Options

Once you finish school and it’s time to purchase your first new ride, think about financing online with a company like OpenRoad Lending. There you can apply and get a loan decision in a couple of hours. After you are approved, you get a blank check to carry into any dealership in the US to purchase the vehicle. It’s fast, easy and there is no obligation to apply.

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