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  • “Run, don’t walk to refinance your existing car loan or get a new car loan with OpenRoad Lending.  I am 51 and have had numerous car loans over the years and this was the most painless easy process and their customer service people are awesome.  Finally, a lender who wants and appreciates my business.  They are saving me a ton of money on the refinance of my 2013 Camaro.  If you think you are stuck in a high interest loan then I implore you to give these people a try.  I rarely make endorsements of businesses but OpenRoad really save me a ton of money and I can’t thank them enough”.

    Bryan M.-  GA
  • “This was the easiest re-finance I have ever had to do. I would recommend you guys to anyone. Thank you.”

    Kaila D.-  TX
  • “My experience was a very rewarding one……the agent was very cordial and kept me informed at all times. I was made to feel as if my business was truly appreciated.”

    Scott A.-  OH
  • “Thought it was too good to be true… Researched the company with the BBB and the information there made me decide to go with OpenRoad.  Process went smoothly and there were no surprises.  I will recommend you to my friends and family.”

    Maria G.-  AZ
  • “Cordial and professional staff, thanks for your assistance. I have refinanced twice through your services. Thank you again.”


    Todd D.-  FL
  • “The process was so simple, it’s almost unbelievable.  I submitted a request for approval and got my response within 24hrs. Package was delivered via email the next day and the rest of the process went very smoothly. I was very satisfied with the quality of service from my Loan Care Agent – Excellent! Sent reminders of what was needed, provided updates on the process, and basically looked out for me. Thank you all!”

    Stan S.-  GA
  • “I had an excellent experience with OpenRoad Lending.  They kept me updated and informed throughout the process and were more than patience with me.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to refinance their vehicle. My interest rate went from a 26.9% down to 10.9% and I couldn’t be happier.”

    Alex C.-  TX
  • “Very streamlined and pleasant experience! This was my second refinance with the best rates through OpenRoad Lending.  Definitely raised the bar.  The transaction was so smooth. I felt valued as I did not have to jump though hoops or have extensive phone calls.  Thank you for the Great Service!  I had complete confidence you guys were on top of everything cause you were.”



    Bethany K.-  CA
  • “I had no idea it was this easy to lower my car payments. I would have done this a long time ago.”

    Thomas K.-  NC
  • “I know you probably hear this all of the time, but I want to say that the experience of getting a loan with you guys has been easy beyond my wildest dreams…At least in comparison to Bank of America, Chase, etc…Excellent job on your part.  Thank you for making everything so easy."

    Mike Z.-  GA
  • “Your entire staff that helped my refinance my auto loan were wonderful. The transaction was very easy and everyone was very helpful. You all took good care of my. In the future; I will recommend Open Road to everyone!” 

    Roscoe B.-  NC
  • “Thank you so much for all help with this refinance. I have nothing but positive feedback for the entire OpenRoad process. It was fast, efficient and what I appreciate the most is that it was straight forward with no hidden gimmicks or surprises. It feels great to have lowered my interest rate by more than 10 points. It's only a difference of $20 for the monthly payment, but it translates into at least $2,000 in interest fees for the duration of the loan and that savings speaks for itself. So again, thank you for your professionalism, your follow through and help with the entire process.” 

    Simon C.-  CA
  • “I wanted to take the time to commend you on your awesome customer service skills.  I do not often encounter individuals who really make the customer feel important.  I really appreciated your patience and knowledge of your process.  I wanted the savings however if the customer service experience was bad, I would not have accepted the offer.” 

    Juanita R.-  OR
  • “I wanted to thank you for the service. I was very happy with how easy the process was, how you provided a step by step easy to follow guide, and the great follow up. I spoke with a couple other agents there during the process and they both were very professional and provided great service as well. Many companies/people today have lost sight of what good customer service is. Obviously you have not. Thanks again!" 

    Issac S.-  TX
  • “Start to finish in less than a week and I lowered my interest rate and payment more than I expected. Service was great and the entire staff was very professional to deal with.”

    Laura J.-  GA
  • “Application to payoff in 5 days! Received my approval on a Sunday only a few hours after submitting my application – I never had to leave my desk. The loan docs were downloaded and I returned them that afternoon. I spoke to two representatives; really, really helpful. No pressure and more accommodating, like speaking with my grandchildren. I am 73 years old and have NEVER received world class service like I did with OpenRoad Lending. A lending company I can trust and look forward to using next time.”

    Richard M.-  TX
  • “I was able to apply and purchase a car in just a few hours. The dealership told me they were shocked at how fast they responded. Will never finance a car another way again."

    Lisa G.-  WA
  • “You guys were great! A huge well done.” 

    Cassidy F.-  CA
  • “The application and loan process was very easy to understand and the staff was available to answer the few questions I did have. I was surprised at how much I was over paying for my current loan. They helped me save over $3,000 over the life of the loan. Well worth the time invested.”

    Faye C.-  CO
  • “I was leery at first, but the BBB rated them highly and most reviews were very good. The only reviews that were not good were from those that would probably not qualify for a loan anywhere. The process was quick and easy. Within a few days all was done and I will save a great deal of money over the long term. They were able to lower my interest rate by half from my bank loan. I'm very pleased. ”

    Lloyd N.-  NC
  • "It will be a pleasure speaking with the Loan Care Experts. The entire loan process is so hassle-free. I will HIGHLY recommend your company to others.”

    William B.-  CA
  • “If you are skeptical about going online and trying to finance a car, you will be shocked at easy it really is. You will never do it again the 'old fashion' way.” 

    Francis R.-  FL
  • “So I am the queen of skeptics, obtaining a loan over the internet, at 1/2 the interest I was currently paying on my car, unbelievable!!! And yet, here I sit with a new loan! I found this company to be very responsive to my many questions, fast, accurate, and yes, I will use them in the future for car loans.”

    Linda J.-  CO
  • "Financing with OpenRoad is a pleasant experience. From the time you submit your application to the time the loan is funded.”

    Lauren K.-  NC
  • "I received OpenRoad Lending preapproval card for refinancing my car in the mail. Like others, I was a little afraid, thinking it was a scam. I decided to go with my gut and look them up on the website and I read the reviews, all good reviews. I was needing to lower my payments, so I went ahead and applied for the loan to refinance my car, next day I got a call from a very nice agent and she explained everything about their company and what I was approved for and how much. To make a long story short, within 1 week, I was refinanced with a lower payment and a very low interest rate 7.29%, trust me from 21% interest rate to 7.29%, I am a true fan of OpenRoad Lending and will tell all my friends where to go, if they are looking to buy or refinance their car. OpenRoad Lending is the way to go!”

    Joyce S.-  OK
  • “Getting help with your auto loan was a breeze. The whole process is fast and easy. I will tell all your friends about it.”

    Lamar R.-  TX
  • “Wonderful experience! They were fast, friendly and were able to to cut my interest in half on my refinance….will definately recommend to everyone! Thank you so much!”

    Carol M.-  GA
  • “Open Road Lending was amazing!. The customer service that I received was excellent. My loan agent was friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever I called with a question, someone always answered the phone and was able to help me. I researched the company prior to applying and they have high ratings with the BBB. I would recommend this company.” 

    Samantha Y.-  OR
  • “I refinanced two cars in the last four months with OpenRoad Lending: my car first and then my daughter's car. I had a great experience both times: everything was easy to do, and their lending team was always eager to help. Both loans were completed in a couple of weeks and now our monthly payments are much less than they used to be.”

    Maurizia B.-  CA
  • “I am extremely impressed with the quality of service, speed and professionalism I received from Open Road lending! I have tried with a few different lenders to get my car refinanced and Open Road was the only one to come through! The process was easy and the turn around time was quick! I am now saving $87 a month thanks to Open Road! Thank you Open Road Lending!”

    Ellen F.-  CA
  • “I will admit I was not a believer with this but after receiving 3 notices I made the call and I was able to knock 15 points off my current loan saving over 5k in the process.” 

    Tony B.-  AZ
  • “I was amazed at how much I saved over the life of the loan and how quick and easy the OpenRoad Lending refinance loan was.” 

    Michelle S.-  MO
  • “Outstanding service and was amazed at how fast and how easy it was to refinance my car. They lowered my interest rate 7% and was able to lower my monthly payment $147 per month! Will definitely use Open Road again in the future.”

    Carson S.-  TX
  • “Great company to deal with, every step of the process was simple and fast. They were great to deal with, and kept me informed and responded to my emails promptly. Highly recommend for a refinance. Will use again for my next auto loan.” 

    Greg L.-  CA
  • “I couldn't be happier with how fast and easy this entire process has been. I was able to cut my interest rate in half without extending my terms still saving $70 a month! Very happy with the service and professionalism. I would recommend OpenRoad Lending to anyone.” 

    Lacy Z.-  CA
  • “I just want to thank DiDi for the great service she provided to me. It was a very smooth and quick transaction. I will refer anyone i know that is trying to refinance a vehicle, to Open Road Lending.”

    Marla N.-  AL
  • “When OpenRoad first contacted us, I was hesitant to respond. But after researching the company I decided to apply. The representative that I dealt with was very helpful every step of the journey. Most of all, we lowered out interest rate substantially. I would recommend the company to anyone needing this service.”

    Brenda B.-  GA
  • “I was amazed at how much I saved over the life of the loan and how quick and easy the OpenRoad Lending refinance loan was.”

    Michelle S.-  MO
  • “Well, I usually skeptical of any bank or finance company, but this was an effortless process. They were helpful, expeditious, and thorough. They provided a much better financing option than I had.” 

    Clarence W.-  AZ
  • “This is so wonderful.  I have been praying for a year to get my interest rate on my car loan lowered.  Now you send me a letter and it is cut in half.  God answers prayer!” 

    Laura M.-  NC
  • “I have been looking for ways to save on my monthly finances and along came OpenRoad Lending. I was able to refinance my car and lower my payment. The staff was great and very helpful.” 

    Gilbert C.-  TX
  • “You will be shocked at how easy getting a car loan can be.” 

    Ronald G.-  NC
  • “If you are skeptical about going online and trying to finance a car, you will be shocked at easy it really is. You will never do it again the 'old fashion' way.” 

    Francis R.-  FL
  • “The application process is fast and simple and the service goes the extra mile!”

    Michael M.-  CA
  • “Thank you – You provided me with outstanding service! I will keep your information handy for the next time I buy a vehicle.” 

    Rose M.-  AZ
  • “Wow! Thank you. A friend referred me to you and bragged about the level of service they received. They were right. The entire process was simple and the savings of $92 per month was a welcomed site!”

    David W.-  FL

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