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Why OpenRoad Lending?

The OpenRoad team has helped tens of thousands of consumers across the county get into the car or truck of their dreams with an award winning customer friendly process. We are a financial partner you can trust. Purchasing a car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make. It only makes sense to know the full details of not only the vehicle you want, but also how you’ll be paying for it. Often times, automotive financing can seem overwhelming because you may feel you don’t have all the information. You may feel that someone else is making decisions for you. At OpenRoad Lending, we are up front with all the rates and payments.


The OpenRoad eCheck® allows you to negotiate the sale price of the vehicle with the dealer as if you had cash on hand. This means you can determine not only the kind of vehicle you want to buy – but the amount you want to pay which ultimately determines your monthly payment.


If you are not in the market to purchase a new or used car or truck at this time, let OpenRoad Lending lower your car payments on your existing loan! On average, our customer save $102 per month by refinancing an existing loan. We have helped consumers just like you save over $100 million dollars by refinancing their existing car loans. The process is simple and can get completed in as little as a day.


In addition to an easy process, the OpenRoad Lending Customer Service Staff is dedicated to your satisfaction and will work with you to ensure you have a truly enjoyable experience. Our online process allows you to complete your auto loan the same day as you apply, saving you time and money.

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Since 2009, OpenRoad Lending has helped tens of thousands of customers all over the country realize their dream of owning the car they have always wanted as well as saving money by refinancing their current auto loan.