Social Responsibility: The Project Get Involved initiative

Our Social Responsibility

Get Involved

At OpenRoad Lending, we are keenly aware that many of our friends and neighbors are in need of the basics such as food, clothing and housing, and donations of our time and resources. We promote and encourage volunteerism among our colleagues through our Get Involved initiative as well as continue to assist local and national non-profit organizations with financial and in-kind donations. We also show a collective respect for the environment through our individual attention to conservation and recycling.


Project Get Involved is a new program for OpenRoad Lending. Beginning in 2015, all full-time associates volunteer 4 hours of their scheduled work time per quarter (16 hours per year) for causes that are of special interest or meaning. OpenRoad Lending will provide employees with paid time off from their regularly scheduled workday to give back to their communities.


The Project Get Involved initiative is dedicated to making our communities a better place through an ongoing focus on philanthropy. This initiative follows through on our OpenRoad Lending Pledge:

– To give aid to others in need

– To respect nature and the environment

– To give back to the community and those less fortunate

– To treat others with dignity and respect

– To wear a smile everywhere we go


This year alone, our associates will donate over 1,000 hours of service to our local community!


If you, or your organization are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and have a need for volunteers, please send us an email at and let us know how we can help.


Please be sure to include the following in your message:


– Name of your organization, event, or program

– Contact information (Name, Phone Number, and Email address)

– The activities that employees would perform while volunteering as well as any requirements for OpenRoad Lending employees to volunteer (i.e. orientation, background check, etc.)

– A soft copy of any forms that would need to be completed by volunteers


Some of the local and national organizations we support:

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