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Car Shopping Is Easier Than Ever With These High-Tech Tools

You break out in a cold sweat at the thought of buying a new car. You dread walking into the car dealership, feeling unprepared to deal with the vulture-like salespeople and you want to avoid haggling.

The days of scouring the newspaper and spending tons of time at the dealership to pick out a new car are over. With the right tech tools, information is readily available to help you make the best car choice for you.

Estimating costs with your Apple Watch

You’ve decided what car you want, but are uncertain of the financing. You don’t want to work out the numbers at the last minute in the salesperson’s office, but rather to make an informed decision about a potential car purchase. With the calculator on your Apple Watch, crunch numbers from your wrist to determine how much any upgrades might cost. Need to make a quick decision regarding financing? Call potential lenders and access your home network for any details you might need. The features on this watch offer quick, detailed decision-making options at your convenience.

Use an iPhone to take pictures

Use smartphone technology to your advantage when purchasing a vehicle. You’d love to show your friend the car you are thinking about buying, but she can’t make it to the dealership. Use your iPhone to take a panoramic picture of the cars you are considering and detail shots that show off all of the car’s best features. Want to comparison shop online from the convenience of your cellphone? Download apps like the one from Edmunds where you can find the right price and discover what features a vehicle has without wasting time hopping from one car dealership to another. Run numbers by your friend or spouse via text to help you decide on a price point. If necessary, call another dealership to see if they are able to match or better a certain deal.

Review price promises for negotiation on your tablet

You like knowing all of the information you’ve researched at home is contained in one place. Use an app like Evernote on your tablet to list all the features you need, your conversations with other dealerships and your budget so you aren’t shuffling paperwork and feeling disorganized. Many dealerships also offer price promises and Internet specials that you can easily access from your tablet.

Comparison shop with apps

You took a ton of photos at the dealership but you still can’t make up your mind about what car you want. Research some reviews on the cars you are thinking about buying to help narrow down your options. Car and Driver’s Buyers Guide is an app that allows you to access the most popular cars based on the research conducted on the site. You also can find price points and fuel efficiency data on individual vehicles. Want to know if a particular car is an editor’s choice? This app tells you what vehicle made the list. Looking for insurance on your car? Try the USAA app, which allows lets you find insurance and financing for your new vehicle.