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Easy Solutions to Getting Better Gas Mileage

As prices with the pump tick higher, many people are trying to stretch each gallon of gas. Being smarter about the way you drive could help go a great deal to get the best gas mileage out of each tank. Below are five money saving tips to ensure better gas mileage for you.

Ease your speed – Your right foot is the important thing to better fuel consumption . According the Department of Energy , each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph while traveling is similar to paying an additional 24 cents per gallon. Keeping that lead foot under control is one of the easiest ways to ensure the best gas mileage out of your vehicle. That goes for traditional gas engines to the alternative fuel vehicles in production today. Adhere to the speed limits and you’ll save big.

Be smooth – Imagine you’ve always got an open cup of hot java inside beverage holder. That may help you avoid quick acceleration and last second braking. In line with the DOE, driving less aggressively could deliver up to 33 percent better gas mileage.

Don’t idle away – Sitting with your engine idling while waiting to pick up the kids is only a waste of gas. Cutting the engine once you learn you will end up stopped for longer than 30 seconds offers 10 percent better fuel economy. You don’t want to try this with a stop light or a railroad crossing , naturally.

Plan your drive – Getting the best gas mileage makes you plan ahead. Run all your errands in a single trip. In line with the DOE, several stop-start drives can use as much as double the fuel as a normal drive to the mall. And the same t hing goes with finding that perfect parking spot, even if it means a prolonged walk to the store. Circling the lot wastes fuel.

Lighten your load – That set of golf equipment with your trunk adds weight to your car. This means your engine has to keep working harder. Also ease the burden on the engine by switching off of the AC and heated rear screen if you are not using them. It is suggested that this alone burns an additional 5-7% of fuel and lessens the possibility to get better gas mileage.

Getting the best gas mileage you can is important especially with gas pricing soaring and all consumers looking to pinch every penny possible. Remember these money saving tips to ensure better gas mileage in the future. Similar to discovering how to get the best gas mileage, you should look into other money saving tips to add to your bottom line. One way consumers are savings today is by refinancing an auto loan. Similar to a refinance on your home, you can refinance a car loan and reduce the amount of interest you pay and lower your overall payments.


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