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Pay That Car Loan Off Early – Refinance it Now

Consumers are looking to pay off their car loans ahead of time in an effort to save money. Not only does it keep you from making payments longer, you save hundreds of dollars in unwanted  finance charges as well. There are many ways to get that auto loan paid off early but one of the most common is refinancing your existing loan. By refinancing, you can lower your existing payment. If after doing so, you continue to make the larger payment to the new lender, that overage (the amount you are paying above your new payment) goes directly towards the principle balance and allowing you to pay down the loan balance quicker.

Interest rates are lower than they have ever been making it easier for you to lower your car payments. You refinance a car just like you would a house. It does not take reducing your interest amount much to make a difference in your payment amount. Remember, the key is to continue to pay the amount you are paying now on your loan so that additional payment goes each month to reduce that balance. Not only does it help you get it paid off faster, but you will be paying considerably less interest in the process.

Applying for and getting a refinance car loan online is simple. You fill out a application with information about you and your current loan. The lender will ask for things related to the vehicle you are want to refinance (year, make, model, mileage, etc.). Then the lender reviews that information and typically calls to get a payoff on your existing loan. From there, you sign a few documents and your part is done. Then your new lender pays off your old lender and you now have a new loan with lower payments.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering if refinancing your car is the right choice for you. First, do not get hung up on just trying to lower your interest rate. Lowering your monthly expenses is the key. If the new lender is not able to offer you a lower interest rate, they may be able to offer you other enhancements to your current loan terms. Remember that the primary goal is to reduce your existing payment so you can continue to pay the same amount but pay more towards the balance each month getting the loan paid off earlier. Make sure that the refinance car loan is a simple interest one with no prepayment penalties. If it is not, this will defeat the goal we are trying to accomplish. Remember, not everyone will qualify for refinancing. If you are in a situation where you are upside down in your existing loan owing a lot more than your vehicle is actually worth, you may have a rough time finding a lender to refinance it for you. Many lenders have tightened their lending guidelines. Do not be discouraged. With a little hard work, you can find a lender that can help you.

You should always consider refinance as a viable option to lower your monthly expenses. To find out more about refinancing your current car loan and other useful tools about car finance, visit OpenRoad Lending.

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